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Our Services

Business Classifications service

At UMC, we offer a fully integrated platform that is designed to help our Clients define and classify their business and business ...
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Investment Solutionsservice

Striving for constant innovation and advancement, UMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of essential services ...
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Investors Supportservice

Our business philosophy lies on grounds of flexibility, adaptation and innovation in order to grant a competitive ...
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Government Relations service

Having an eclectic mix of experience from government to private sectors, UMC work for the local government ...
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Heritage Campaigns service

In commitment and dedication established for every locality in a state we work in, UMC initiated a campaign that ...
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Economic Events service

UMC continues to hold great promises for the future. Today, UMC is well-known as the media advocate of the state in ...
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Economic Data Reports service

Economic Database report to help the business community and the government to receive an accurate data base about ...
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Visibility Studies service

The advantage of UMC database system turns out the work for any company easier through leveraging their access to ...
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Technology Solutions service

UMC also provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for their needs. We pride ourselves on ...
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Media Exposures service

We at UMC, prides ourselves on offering limitless flexibility which will allow to seamlessly meeting any need a client...
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