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About Us

About United Media Center

Established since 2012, United Media Center (UMC) stands as the primary authority in communications, regulations and technical innovation for the local government, Qatar. UMC stands as the first national media & business center that works with the hands of our Qatari youth in partnership with governmental and private sectors.

Being an advocate media of the state, United Media Center has provided more than 20 publications to the Qatari community, the Qatari government and the private sectors and the community at large. UMC have organized 5 national events and business campaigns, which stage the two most remarkable celebration in Qatar which is the Qatar National Day and the Qatar Loyalty Day (The anniversary of the remarkable leadership of the Emir-Qatar).

Big enough to offer a full range of communications services, but not too big for us to provide a tailored approach with a personal touch. It’s that combination that means some clients come to us for our skills and experience in delivering cross-market international communications, while others come for our expertise in running successful campaigns in Qatar. As an aware, advanced and technologically gifted team of marketing experts, we help build businesses through leading edge technology. Our competitive advantage is that we don’t just create concepts around digital marketing and business development…..we innovate and execute concepts that have powerful results

A team of professionals who have been engaged in many large governmental projects and campaigns mostly involving the media and operation of business facilities are what UMC composed of. We have media and marketing specialist, designers, internet and media expertise and a pool of talented veterans who can be relied upon to come-up with efficient solutions for unique demands. From our rich pool of authorities, we select the best possible combination of people to put their knowledge and skills to maximum effect for our local projects and business clients.

Our national projects, campaigns and publications are resources utilized by the local and private industries and served as the source of information for the international industries as well. UMC is dedicated to support sustainable development in the country of good, the experts, professors and international representatives unite all in one center that establishes the national identity between the Qatari society and its institutions under the wise leadership of His Highness Emir of Qatar.